Monday, May 21, 2012

I Have Done This So Many Times Before

Assalamuaikum & hello ! apa yang "i have done this so many times before" nye kan ? saya dah banyak kali delete blog, tukar nama blog, tukar link *okay baru dua kali*, tukar background & segala benda dekat blog ni.

well, people change. so do blog. yeke ? bukan apa, saya nak cuba mematangkan blog ni. i want to make it as simple as i can. no need to be fancy about it much. kan ? nobody will read my blog anyway.
bukan people change. now, i'm a lamp eh. haha. seriously, "quote" ni favourite saya & Diba. i don't know about you but for us this made our day. so, jangan berubah sampai jadi lampu okay ? teruk kan conclusion. ==' okay.

p/s : i will try to write about what i did during sem break. you know how busy i am right ? no ? OKAY.